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The weird weird messed upworld of ME!

Welcome to my world

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Kit (Griffin) Maxwell
1 October
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Bush is Hate

Frank is love.. for all of your.. imaginary needs.

My Real name is Katherine
To my friends my name is Kit
To my enimies my name is Maniac
Yesterday my name was loser
Today my name is Spazz
Tomorrow my name will be Starving Artist
I secretly know my name is Freak
But i always know my name is my own.

I adopted a cute lil' gothy fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Marriage is love.

Oscar is genuis, wit, talent, art . . . and love.

President Beck: Cities fall but they are rebuilt. Heroes die but they are remembered.

Before i say anything, i'm going to say that anyone can IM me if they need help, if they need someone to listen to, everyone says i'm real good at that. and of course you can just contact me to chat.

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Hi! my name is Kit Cassie "Griffin" Maxwell. I'm 16 years old and, umm...hyper...high on life...and...yeah...ok...
I'm obssessed with Rancid, lord of the Rings and the Faculty, Linkin Park and and lots of other bands. my favorite tv shows are Invader Zim (Jhonen is God!!) and Queer As Folk.
I Don't beleve in the one God, and I think that Religion is the downfall of man kind. Don't get me wrong, I don't care if you're religious or not, just don't let it cloud your judgment to weather something is right or wrong.
Check out my other friend Sean kyles_bitch69
oh, and my biggest petpeeve is shorthand. I think it's a really bad habbit, and makes people look stupid, even when they're not
"I put the cool in chicken" Richie
"I saw a rainbow chicken. It looked at me and said "Cluck" Aleida
"I am Serounded by losers and idiots.......GO ME!" ~Me
"The evil Giant Squirls knocked out the phone and tv! Help! thir going to join the evil pink bunnies!" me
"Can I use your pay phone for free." kay
"you Know you have issues when you try to lick the frost of the floor of the car." Maddy
"B you're a basterd C you're an Asshole......wait....thats not right....." Leilei
"My dads more inportent than yours, he makes Baby bottles." ~leilei
"what do you thing I am? An Idot!? wait I am" ~~Leilei
"Duh Katie, what kinda idot are you? A very good one" Me
"NO...The two most improtant words in the English languge are Sex and Drugs" Maddy
"If at first you dont succesed, screw it and go on" ~~Peters motto
"those Aleins are future Humans!" Mr. Ward (bio Teacher)
"IRA: One will make you a rich man, the other will make you a dead redneck." Mr. Ward again.
"Everyday of the week is Wedsday except for Wednesday, which is Tuesday. That's how my scedual works" Jess Mc.D
"Monday is defenly the signal of the end of the week." Zach .G
"I'm bopping you on the head with my 'teacher-makes-fun" ball" Ward
"Brayn, I think your drums are out of tune"-ZVL

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Horoscope for Libra
06 Jun 2004
Arguments will flare up if you get backed into an emotional corner. Compromise if you have to, to avoid verbal battles. You may end up being blamed if anything goes wrong.

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