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Kit (Griffin) Maxwell
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My weekend was really nice, it was quiet and relxing. But as soon as i get back here, it's all down hill. I'm typing with gloves on right now.

The last two nights have been terrible, More like the last two mornings. I woke up Tuesday Morning at 1:24 to Ainsley's headset up really loud. i could hear the radio clearly. I keept screaming at her to wake but she wouldn't!! I wasn't able to sleep for 3 hours! and i had the first part of my math final! i was so tired! then it halppened again this morning! atleast this time i was able to block it out with my pellow, but it wasn't very comftable. And i have my Bio final today!

It's fun though, now i get 3 periods a day watching movies. 2&5 watching Shildlers list, because Mr. Stone said that he would be faling me as a teacher if he didn't make me watch it, it was more important then the final! and 10th watching School Ties, since i really wanted to see that.

White glove is really hard because you have to unpack everything, still keep it all in your room, and then clean every little thing. It was so stress full for me, because i was getting a sensery Overload. But Molly let me use Jess's bed to keep everything, so it's so much better now! I'm still trying to get everything off my walls though. I have so much!!
Yesterday Mr. Ward brrought the centerty Club out for dinner at Friendly's. I was the youngest and the only girl. But i jus sat and listned to them for th most part. I find it intresting to listen to groups ofboys. it's so difffrent. But they talked about al ot of Africa stories. When we came back the ducks were missing. we finnaly found them swimming in dye under the arts building. They're so cute.

I have to work in graphincs now, or i'm going to get in trouble
lov eyou!

Current Mood: contentcontent

school ends next friday. I don't really want to go yet. I don't want my first year of EHS to be over. Yeah, I want to get rid of my roommate, but besides that, i don't really want to go. I haven't evenstarted to pack because i don't want to amit I'm done. But it's been a great year, I have so many new friends. I relized this greatly when i was getting my year book signed. SO many people signed it! and i've signed quiet a few. A lot of the coolset teachers are leaving, and i don't want them to at all. Cuddles and Tush are leaving, Jubie already has. It's so sad. Ryland is leaving too, and so is Baily. Ryland is going to visit a lot.
on a random note, Ryland might help me get the FBI to question me. That would be so cool! it's my life dream. I won't do anything wrong, but I'm going to get an e-mail that says stuff that shouldn't be sent in an e-mail. Including something about killing a certain polititon that we all hate. He's desided he'sll be the one to assasanait him sometime in the fucur, when he's like 50.
I don't think i have anything else to say.
lvoe you all, and miss you tons!

Current Mood: contentcontent

I went into a downward spiral of depression all last night because of the whole Birthday thing., i mwan honestly, my birthday sucked, but i never really thought about it, because no one here every made a huge deal or their birthdays, Except for my fucking roommate. It just amde me so misrable. I know i was being a bit selfish, but try having it slamed in your face all day! After school she was in our room telling Ms. B all the presents she got, I littarly had to run out of there and all the way up to the library, without shoes on. i was to angry to even put them on. I was crying to my parents for like half an hour, but they said that i had to get over it, but for once in my life iwas truesly jelous.
So this morning my parents called me on the payphone in the hall (sinc eour phones arn't on til 7:30pm) and my dad started to sing happy birthday. it really made me feel a lot better.

MickyDee(Jess) and I asked Prezpeck to be our son( 3 year old, mohawked Bob)'s Godfather. He said yes!!!


Current Mood: calmcalm

I'm so fed up with Ainsleys bitching about her birthday. Yesterday shew as crying to her parents that she doesn't get to be home for her 15th birthday, and that she doesn't get presents until 7:20 and she can';t see her parents. She doesn't realize how lucky she is. It was my 16th Birthday, and all I got was some chocholate and a small stufft animal. And at least she has her brother here. but she kept crying and stuff about it, and this morning, since it's her birthday, she woke up at like 6 to call her parents! I didn't get that chance, i had to wait until like 9 to call!!!! it just makes me depressed about how sucky a bithday I had.
She also complains about finals all the time now. Atleast she'll be taking it with kids inher grade!!! I'm taking some with fucking siniors! do you realize how much pressure there is in that?!
I'm sorry, I'm just really fed up with all her bullshit right now.

Current Mood: crankycranky

Yeserday was pretty cool. During school we had a lot of thunder, and it rained like I've never seen! it's like the skys opened up! and then during freetime they called early cerfew because we were suppoed to have a huge storm. It ended up being mostly just a lot of lightning, i didn't hear much thunder.and i got tired quickly, so i didn't watch much of it. But iwa s freaking out in the shower after they called cerfew, because i was so freaked out about being electracuted.
I'm sick of Ms. B telling me that my desktop is not organized. It's fine! but i kep being late for breakfast because of it, and for those of you who know me, i can NOT be late for things, it makes me so unbelevably stressed. It's part of one of my disorders i think, i don't know.
I need more online friends....:looks sad:
okay, love ya all!!!

Current Mood: crappycrappy

Yesterday was so awsome! I went down to see the duckies nad Sticky in the coup, and we played with them for awhile.
Then at about 9:15 Ms.B set the fire alarm off because she burned pasta! so we all ran outside, Molly and Jean were in towls, and i didn't have shoes or socks on. But iw as super hyper, so Keely and I ran all the way down to the new dorm. I was stil barefoot. Then we had to wait for like another half an hour before Reando finnaly got it off. We relized that there was a good dance beat to the alarm, so some of the girls tried to do CottenEye Jow to it, and it worked! It was so funny!!
I have a new obbsession with both Eerrey Queery and Gravataion.
I don't think i have much else to say, I keep looking at prom pictures.
love Kit

Current Mood: tiredtired

Yesterday was the prom. We had a lot of fun. We took a bus out to the Sharaton in Springfeild. We hung out for awhile and then we had dinner. After that we all went to the dance floor and we all daned., No one cared how good you were , so it was a lot of fun. I danced more than i ever danced! And then we all went out and laid on the floor of the upper lounge until we got yelled at. Twords the end, Jess, Aaron, Tyler and i went over to the couch and chairs in the upper lounge. There was a up of wine there, and i had to move it so they wouldn't drink it and get in trouble. But Jess started freaking out, saying she had to have it or else she had to slit her wrists or get fucked. And she was dead serious. So i had to wach her as she chuged the whole glass. It was weird.
While we were lying on the floor, Reel Big Fish started to play, and I jumped up and ran back to the dance floor and just started dancing again like crazy! ZVL came and danced with me for a minute. I still can't beleive I had so much fun dancing to crappy dance music. Jess taught me how to ignore most of it and just consentrate on the beat and bass. Aaron got me a casage (SP) It was so pretty. it had to be one of the best nihgts
Prom Pictures! May takea while to load!
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Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

Hi, my name is Griffin (facultygriff on neopets) I've been doing neopets for like ever, my first accont and second accont were both hacked into, Im on my third now.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone would donate to help me get a secret lab map. I'm saving up as much as I can, and playing all the games i can, but it's still taking so long. Every little thing helps, so anything would be majorly appreseated!

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1.)Copy and paste this into your journal:
<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b> <*/font>
2.) (Eliminate the asterisks)
3.)See what color you are


1.)Copy and paste this into your journal:
<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b> <*/font>
2.) (Eliminate the asterisks)
3.)See what color you are


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